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Spring Breakers Film Review

I walked out after this movie and I wasn’t at all sure how I felt about it. It’s possible that I wasn’t prepared and that’s why I was so unsettled. After all, it’s a movie about spring break right? It’s all about a good time; nothing too heavy about that.

But this isn’t about spring break so much as it’s about Spring Breakers; the pursuit of hedonism and excess taken to its logical conclusion. In short, this is the story of four college students, Faith, Cotty, Brit and Candy and what they are willing to do to get to Spring Break. Which lands them behind the curtain seeing how the sausage is made with fun-merchant and rapper ‘Alien’, at which point Spring Breakers turns into something else entirely.

Director, Harmony Korine, gives you only occasional relief from a seeming barrage of violence, hypersexualism and uneasiness with occasional quiet moments of friendship and brief moments of dark comic relief. The dialogue is minimal and much of it is repeated over and over. The result feels confrontational.In parts I found myself with arms crossed and shoulders up at my ears at times, feeling threatened and uneasy.

This was in large part down to some quite amazing performances from an arguably unlikely cast. This is a story about surfaces and shallow encounters, and while I never really felt like I know anything about any of the women in it, I was scared of them.The simultaneously exhibition of both frenzy and coolness made for some captivating performances. If certain cast members wanted to wash the Disney off, job done, I will never look at them the same.Of the three people I saw it with, two loved Spring Breakers, one hated it and I abstained from voting. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it, I certainly wouldn’t say it was fun, but I nevertheless would recommend it. I did find it compelling and I am still trying to grapple with it a week later and that is not a common thing.Written by Beth Ford


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