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Published on August 8th, 2013 | by Field Skjellerup


For this weeks feature I have chosen to showcase the latest movements in bass oriented dance music, coming out of England and abroad. With a whole range of influences each of these tracks are crafted to please the ear and they do so easily.

Sepia – Outbreak

Uk and New Zealand based label Redshift-One is housing to many creative producers. With Sepia being no let down, he creates a forward thinking dance track through the use of an aggressive square wave bass tone’s (most notable with grime) and poly rhythmic drums. Other releases to check out include his Outbreak Ep.

Pev & Hodge – Bells (System mix)

Even with just glancing at this tracks waveform, it is easy to see why i have chosen this song for my bass oriented feature. With a thick sub line commencing shortly after a build of tape delay (a tip the dub the genre which influence still runs deep) This track is built on low frequencies, with its purpose to create movement. Other releases to check out include track “Junked” by Pev & Kowton and Hodge’s latest Ep “Holographic Prose”

Walton – Homage

Much to its title, this pieces main theme is to show respect to something past. Even with this being off to my feature i still felt the need to share this track. With classic samples ringing between each ear and a low fidelity production style, this track pays much respect to past disciplines within the Uk dance scene. Other release to check out include tracks “Baby” and his “Cool It” Vip.

Zhou – I Remain

As lightly arpeggiated notes play upon a sound scape of reverberate chords and rolling bass drums, it becomes apparent that Zhou is a leading thinker in forward bass music. Mixing dub and ambient to a degree only he can claim to. Other releases to check out include tracks “Locus tree” and “Noboru.”

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