PRESENCE has been in print since 2008. Have a look below at our back issues.

Issue 11.

Cover: Dear Times Waste

This issue features Porcelaintoy, Randa, Dear Times Waste, Rackets, comedic duo Stop Being a Pud, artist Liam Gerrard, fashion designer Georgia Alice and comic artist Ellen Moorhead.

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Mix CD

Cover: Collage – Greta Gotlieb

Bands: Panther and the Zoo . The Eversons . The Bemsha Swing . Cool Rainbows . Porcelaintoy . Watercolours . Glass Vaults . The Neo Kalashnikovs . Perfect Hair Forever . Paquin . Loui the ZU . Sherpa.

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Issue 10.

Cover: Sherpa

Ten Things for our tenth issue. Read about musicians Sherpa, Zowie, Perfect Hair Forever, Opossom, Glass Vaults and The Neo Kalashnikovs. Artists Max Thompson and Colette Waaka (AKA Mookie). Actress Kayleigh Haworth and Comedian Guy Williams.

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Issue 9.

Cover: Watercolours

This issue features Chelsea Jade of Watercolours, photography by Alex McVinnie. Featured Artist Henrietta Harris. The Sami Sisters with photography by Florence Nobel. Kimbra with photography by Owen Behan. Sarah Houbolt with photography by Greta Gotlieb. CD Reviews contributed by Cheese on Toast and further artwork by Sarah Larnach.

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Issue 8.

Cover: Pikachunes

This issue features Pikachunes, with photography by Alex McVinnie. The featured photographer is Ab Watson. With Tiny Ruins, Disasteradio, comedian Joseph Harper. Artworks by thisistrabbit and CD reviews contributed by Cheese on Toast.

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Issue 7.

Cover: The Drab Doo Riffs

This issue features The Drab Doo Riffs, the photo shoot was themed along the lines of Cludeo, article by Dedee Wirjapranata. The featured artist is Jordan Barnes who will blow you away with his attention to detail, article by Deborah Pathak. Aslo includes The Gladeyes, Pleased to meet you boutique, Supermarkets, Red Bull Studio Live Sessions and Eavesdrop CD Reviews.

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Issue 6.

Cover: The Artisan Guns

This issue features The Artisan Guns, the photo shoot took place at Motat, article by Jake Carter. The featured artist is Jun Arita who specialises in Japanese Pop Art, his work is bright and colourful, article by Nastassja Downey.

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Issue 5.

Cover: Panther and the Zoo

This issue features Panther and the Zoo, article by Matt Monk. The featured artist is Peap Tarr,
a graffiti/street artist, his bold artwork has similarities to Samoan tattoos, article by Nastassja Downey.

Issue 4.

Cover: Clap Clap Riot

This issue features Clap Clap Riot cooking up a storm, article by Andrew Gomez. The featured artist is Arlo Hollands, with his attention to detail he depicts Pink Floyd songs.

Issue 3.

Cover: The Tutts

This issue features The Tutts, photos from a free gig they did at AUT. Featured artist is Greta Gotlieb.

Issue 2.

Cover: The Benka Bordavosky Bordello Band

This issue features The Benka Bordavosky Bordello Band, with photo from the Kings Arms and a one-on-one photo shoot at Benka’s home. Featured artist is Greta Gotlieb.

Issue 1.

Cover: Geordie from Motocade

This issue features Geordie from Motocade. This issue has a very rough Rock n’ Roll vibe. Featured artist is Greta Gotlieb.

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