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Published on May 16th, 2013 | by Dedee W


(Jamie and Paul) are in Parentheses (Brackets)

A short and brutally honest (good) review of Jamie and Paul’s show – otherwise known as:

(Jamie and Paul) are in Parentheses (Brackets)

It was the best most beautiful shambles I’ve seen all festival.  I mean that as in they hadn’t had a full run through before the night, Jamie had written some of the jokes just yesterday (what a pro!)  and had filled up on a bit of Dutch courage. He was telling us all this in the downstairs bar possibly to lower our expectations before we all went up to the show, wondering how many people would actually show up for opening night.

This sounds great, I thought – we’re going to see some hot off the press new comedy, flying by the seat of their pants, from two lesser known, unpredictable new comedians – Jamie Adam and Paul Amos – who I’d never seen a full show from before. I only knew I liked their stuff from seeing them at FanFiction comedy shows.  Anything could happen! And that’s pretty much how I like it.

The beauty of this show is that the two of them balance each other out perfectly  as the slightly grumpy one with the wry, dry delivery and the more upbeat loud and wacky one. I could make a lazy comparison to Black Books’ Bernard Black and Manny at this point but I won’t. (Although now that I have, some might partially agree with me and say it’s a good thing) Jamie likes a drink, he counts this as one of his great loves or addictions. He turned his back to the audience at one point to scull the rest of his beer, during an epic rap battle. Paul was in his element for most of the show, even when he shared the stage with Jamie and called him a dick a few times for not sticking to the script.  Hell, he was so relaxed at one point he even lay down on the stage.

Paul also had a great habit of sticking in ‘Wooo!’s between jokes, whenever he felt like it, in the style of Little Richard. To sum up, although there were beers, snacks, and even a handy flask of Raro involved, this show was no picnic. It was something of a Mad Hatter’s tea party, where you get to hear Jamie’s sombre confessionals and ‘all too clever’ jokes , countered by Paul’s off beat and more optimistic views.

A sure sign of a good show: there were many moments where I almost spat my drink out laughing, cos they’d hit us with some ridiculous line. At times my friend was laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe. Afterwards she said the show had reminded her she needed to have her asthma inhaler with her more often. If your job was going to see comedy shows, that’d count as an occupational safety hazard. You have been warned.



(Jamie and Paul) are in Parentheses (Brackets)

Dates:                          Wed 15 – Sat 18 May, 10pm
Venue:                         The Classic Studio, Level One, 321 Queen St
Tickets:                       $12 – $16

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