How awesome was last week! New Order on Monday at Vector Arena, Auckland. Death Cab for Cutie in Wellington Town Hall on Wednesday, a whirl-wind trip as I flew down for just the night since I had work that day and the next day. Followed by Die Antwoord and Fatboy Slim on Friday at Vector again. 

New Order were great, I don’t really know that many of their songs but it was a fun night with lots of dancing. I definitely knew the last two encore songs though (probably because of bFM or something).

Death Cab for Cutie is hard for me to sum up in words but I wrote this top ten which I hope you will appreciate and not delete me off Tumblr and Facebook: 

Fan Girl top 10:

Embarrassing things I did at Death Cab For Cutie

1. Ditched my friends.

2. Started crying during ‘Grapevine Fires’.

3. Kept crying for six more songs.

4. Jumped inappropriately during slow songs.

5. Locked eyes with Ben Gibbard.

6. Became that annoying girl who screamed “I LOVE YOU!”.

7. Planned on moving to Seattle to settle down with Ben Gibbard.

8. Wondered how many kids we would have or if we should get a dog first.

9. Fantasised about Ben Gibbard’s bum.

10. Realised if my boyfriend knew all this he might break up with me for being a loser fan girl.

Die Antwoord and Fat Boy Slim (note I don’t mention Skrillex or Porter Robinson). What a dance party! I must say I was a bit disappointed that Fat Boy Slim didn’t play much of his old stuff but Die Antwoords performance made it hard to feel let down. It was like a mini festival with four bands in one night.
Last week was so fun I had to catch up on my zzzz on Saturday tho and slept for over 12hours. I hope you got to go to some cool shows lately.

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