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PICTURED: A Yellow Notepad, a Sharpened Pencil, a Grande Starbucks Cup, and a look from Kenzo Resort ‘14.

When I was little my Mum always said to me ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all’. I suppose that is something mothers say to sons to stop them from screaming about people in the supermarket. You know, before they develop empathy.

I promised last week to write about London Fashion Week but I got distracted by the people writing about London Fashion Week.

It was an article on that got me started. Their writer covering London Men’s Fashion week (for their LIFE & STYLE section) obviously had a bone to pick with, well, fashion. She captioned 12 photos from emerging designers with quirky disses that may as well have read BOYS WEARING GIRLY CLOTHING——-EWWWW?!?!!!!!!

Seriously? I don’t get the point in shitting over new content when you already know you are gonna hate it because you think it’s LIKE TOTALLY GROSS OR SOMETHING. I mean, naturally you are gonna see some pretty fucked up things at London Men’s Fashion week – it’s a young Fashion week showing mostly young designers and it needs press – but if you wanna write about it you gotta know a few things. First thing you gotta know is that the designer is not suggesting YOU walk down the street in each of those outfits. Second thing you gotta know is most of those buzzy clothes don’t even end up for sale, chilled out commercial versions of them do.

The other website that has had a lot of my attention this week is Angel Barta (AKA STYLE ANGEL)’s blog. Style Angel believes that she is the “secret muse” of Marc Jacobs (AKA “the most cruel thief”). This blog basically has everything I love – it’s loaded with illuminati style conspiracy theories that go right across the main players of the fashion industry and it has awesome collages with hilarious captions. I don’t really believe in what she is saying :-/ but people are reading it so GO, ANGEL! O:-)

Just when you think the Fashion world is already frou-frou enough the people who are bloody writing about it pop up and it gets even weirder. But it’s good right? It doesn’t matter that I’m angry with and loving Angel. What counts is that we all have a mode of saying what it is that we want to say. I don’t like the idea of discriminating, defaming, or whinging about people who are actually trying to do SOMETHING, but I also believe that criticality and freedom of speech are pretty important (hell, I’m lucky enough to be able to say whatever I want here each week). In light of that I think it’s time to refine (but in no way let go of) my wonderful Mum’s advice: IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY THEN SAY MEAN THINGS ABOUT SOMETHING YOU KNOW ABOUT. Who knows what the Internet would be if we weren’t all screaming into it 😉

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