HI. I’m Johnny and I’ll be here each week to give you a short update on what is going on in Fashion World.

This week we have just had Resort collections presented, and I took a mini-holiday to celebrate. It started on Sunday with a tickle in my throat and by Monday morning I was a bed-ridden with my cold. I took three days off of work and got up to pretty much fuck all apart from drink juice and flip my computer open every other hour in the hopes of more content. I was being a bit of a princess really but hey, I saw A LOT of fashion.

Resort collections are pretty crazy really… here’s how it works: designers present two main collections per year (‘AUTUMN/WINTER’ AND ‘SPRING/SUMMER’), and a handful of designers present a further two (generally more commercial) collections, ‘RESORT’ and ‘PRE-FALL’. Why they don’t just name each collection after one of the four seasons is BEYOND ME.  Not to mention, WHO DECIDED ON THESE NAMES??? Whatever gives you kicks though, right.

So as I was saying, Resort presentations turned into a bit of a Hell World for me. I was so blocked up with my head-cold that every time something new happened on the Internet it would just make me hysterical, and if there’s one thing I can say for sure about Fashion it’s that it Just. Keeps. On. Happening.

I put together an image with some resort picks and cold survival tips. It also functioned as catharsis for my intense fever dreams.

Clockwise from top-left:

A THERMOMETER. If your temperature is high GO. TO. BED. It doesn’t matter how much work needs doing, this is the place for you to be right now.

OPENING CEREMONY Resort ’14. These guys rule. They presented their collection on a YACHT. I’m glad someone is being unpretentious and interpreting the word RESORT literally.

J.W. ANDERSON Resort ’14. He’s pretty much a baby and he’s making way more sophisticated stuff than most other people. He also just showed a collection in collaboration with DONATELLA VERSACE.

LONELY Cut Out Bra in forest green. This is from Lonely’s current collection CHLOE and is doubtlessly my favourite colour.

A PRADA Shoe. Not from a resort collection either, but if I was on a beach I would hit this up. SAND BURNS!

PROENZA SCHOULER Resort ’14. They just won the CFDA Best Designer award for the third time. Fair enough, their clothing is consistently beautiful.

KLEENEX. If you have a cold, obviously you need this.

A HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP. I rate it’s healing properties 10/10. It looks great too.

And in other fashion news, both DOLCE AND GABBANA are going to jail for tax evasion. Good luck, you two :-(

Next week I’ll be covering London Men’s Fashion week. Until then!

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