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Ellen Moorhead is a straight shootin’, straight talkin’, hair straightenin’ straight-A+ student who only cares about one thing: vandalising on private property.

Her own private property.

Paper ain’t cheap anymore, but don’t worry about it, dude. The heir of a billion-dollar paper fortune, it might as well be free. Going through page after page, drawing all day, every day, in a constant battle with her series, Woman’s Monthly, which will soon be out as a complete issue, “no brains and all
talent” Moorhead goes straight for the knee-slaps. And when pen hits paper, there ain’t a dry eye in the house.

There better not be. Fists clenched at all times, pens or just her shredded palms, bone-breaker/heart-acher Moorhead takes no prisoners. She’s cooler than James Dean flipping the bird and kickflipping his way to freedom – artistic freedom.

In the words of Mama Moorhead herself, “You’re a dick, Ellen.” But what do parents know, other than how to break bedroom locks and buy crisp white socks?

Zilch, that’s what.

Catch all the action in Woman’s Monthly, out soon. Until then, you better just keep your eyeballs fixed on the tube or bone-breaker/heart-acher Moorhead will bust your chops like she’s a butcher with a vengeance.


Article by PHF

Artwork by Ellen Moorhead

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