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Published on November 26th, 2013 | by Morgan Coulton


Don’t Be Shy

With the recent release of their third EP Bright, Rowan Pierce from Glass Vaults talks about the beauty of storytelling and their organic transition from glacial pop to a balmier sound – fitting for this spring release.

I’m a big fan of specific genres and I heard you guys once describe Glass Vaults as glacial/ethereal sound…is this still the case?
Not particularly, we got some press and they classed us as glacial pop. At the time this felt really relevant, but it’s feeling a little less so now. Our music has always felt ethereal to us, what we try to do is chase a feeling of euphoria when we are making music anyway so it’s gonna be ethereal. I guess the glacial side of it describes quite a cold vibe but I feel like we are steering away from the coldness of it all now. I think its warmer…not quite tropical yet – temperate, ethereal I’d say. Haha!

So it’s getting a lot lighter and happier even?
Yeah, I think so. That’s what we enjoy making and working on at the moment – definitely a warmer sound.

Is that why your new EP is called Bright – is that a reflection on those warmer sounds?
Yeah! On our new EP the songs are quite old and in a way it’s kind of a b-side to the album that we’re working on. Some of the songs are closer to what we are working on now and some are of that time when we were making a more colder, ambient sound. We wanted to release the EP as a precursor to the album, to give some direction and relate to the album.

What experiences have you drawn on in ‘Bright’?
Rich generally writes the lyrics and they are usually reflections of what’s happened at the time that the songs were made. So I would say that the lyrics do have stories to them but they are usually fragmented, more of an essence of the stories. I wrote the lyrics for ‘Bright’ [the title track] and those lyrics are about someone close to me that I really respect, who has given me a lot in my life and has really shaped the type of person that I am.

Do you ever ask each other what the lyrics are about and dissect these before forming a song, or do you like/work with the general mystique?
I like them being both – depending on how much you listen to it and decipher it. I like that it can act as an in the moment emotive with tones and images. But I know that some people do like to sit down, listen to lyrics and piece them together and I think they can still do that with the way Rich writes. They are not just abstract they are generally from a personal place or from things that have happened. So I feel they can act as both, kind of emotive images in the moment or they can tell a story. I think the story telling is something that we are chiseling away at and making a little clearer as we go…having moments of clarity and moments of realness. The stuff that we are working on now is bringing moments into real space and makings certain songs or parts of songs sounding like they are in a room or in a real space instead of sounding like they are in an ethereal, make-believe sound sphere.

Where can we hear the latest EP live?
We are playing this Friday for Blink’s Square Wave Festival at Puppies (Wellington).

When Puppies closes down what do you think that will do to you guys and the Wellington live scene? Cause that’s your local really…
Yeah, it’s a lot of peoples’ go-to. I guess Mighty Mighty, they have been a staple for years…I’m not sure where else. At the moment it looks like it will just go back to the Mighty Mighty, Bodega and San Fran combo. It’s a shame he should just keep it.


Written by Morgan Coulton


Bright is available for download on bandcamp, iTunes, and amazon and can also be streamed on Spotify. Their debut album will be released sometime in the next year.

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