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Published on May 16th, 2013 | by Dedee W


Billy T Nominee – Pax

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Pax another fresh new talent up for the Billy T Award. This guy’s so cool he only needs one name, like Prince or Madonna. In case you were wondering, Pax is half Irani and half Pakistani which as you can imagine, gives him plenty of comedy ammo, in that he can cover a lot of home truths from Middle Eastern culture without sounding racist. Which makes his one pull quote even more amusing:

“I think he might be a racist” His wife.

So with marriage advice, and enlightened pearls of wisdom from growing up as a first generation Kiwi, it’s no wonder he’s been called the Middle Eastern Dr Phil. He’s the only Billy T Nominee I haven’t seen before  –  so thank god Auckland hasn’t shrunk so much that I know already everyone!  More fresh blood for the comedy scene!!  His show Pax’s Magic Carpet Ride promises to ‘blow your mind with the truth about the Middle East’ so head along, you might just learn something from this one.

I’m intrigued about your tips on making marriage ‘work’ after only 6 months. Would you call yourself a sort of relationship guru?
Haha! Definitely not a guru… it’s actually been a year because it’s been such a long time since I wrote that bio. I feel like I’ve swindled the audience a little.

I think it’s great that your show offers “a Middle Eastern perspective to our reality as New Zealanders”. Do you think there’s enough diversity in the comedy scene yet or is that still an evolving thing. (I’m also thinking about the lack of female comedians in general, but that’s a rant for another day.)
No not at all. The comedy scene in New Zealand is really white washed (Not that it’s necessarily  a bad thing) But the diversity is growing. Comics like Urzila Carlson, James Nokise, James Roque and a bunch of others  are bringing perspectives from different angles but I think the diversity is growing and will continue to grow.

When did you start doing comedy, and how did you start out?
I started about 2 year ago. I entered the Raw Comedy quest, made the final and that was it just kept doing it from there.

Who are your comedy heroes and mentors and are any of them at the fest
this year?

I respect a lot of the comics who have been doing it for a long time. Especially the ones who treat the younger comics with respect, and give them tips to help them through. I guess a comedy hero would be Eddie Murphy.

What’s your advice to any of the Class Comedians or up and coming young comedians who may aspire to be a Billy T Nominee in the future?
MOVE THE MIC STAND! It kills me inside when a comic does a set with the mic stand right in front of them. You would be surprised how often it happens.

Are you doing any extra shows at the Comedy fest this year?
I’m doing a bunch of late and live spots at The Classic alongside some amazing international acts, which is always a blast.



Pax’s Magic Carpet Ride

Dates:                          Tue 14 – Sat 18 May, 8.45pm
Venue:                         Brooklyn Bar and Lounge, 57 Lorne St
Tickets:                       $15 – $18

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